Senso Bulb

Eco-friendly LED light bulb with built-in motion sensor. Easy and quick installation, no installation of motion detectors.

With integrated motion sensor

If a movement in the detection area (about 5 to 7 m, depending on the mounting height) is detected, the lamp automatically switches. The sensor at the top of the light source, switches the light on for 40 seconds. Ideal for open ceiling lighings, in which the light source is operated hanging down.
Senso Bulb

Senso Bulb

Energy efficiency rating A+

This LED bulb has a long lifespan, low heat generation, high electricity savings of up to 90% and is suitable for use in luminaires with an E27 socket. The very long lifespan of 30,000 hours (standard light bulbs only lasts up to 2.000 hours). Due to the low power consumption the LED bulbs do not get hot. The brightness of this light bulb is around 320 lumens wich is compares to a 30 Watt lightbulb.

Quick & easy installation by replacing

Installing the Senso Bulb works quickly and easily. You only need to replace the old standard light bulb with the Senso Bulb and it is ready for use.
Senso Bulb


  • Input: 230 V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Energy consumption: 5 W
  • Color temperature: Warmwhite (ca 3000 K)
  • Lighting: 320 Lumen (Equivalent to 30 W light bulb)
  • Socket: E 27
  • Life span: 30,000 h
  • Detection range: 120°
  • Efficiency rating: A +
  • Weight: 109 g
  • Dimension: 60 × 60 × 115 mm

Senso Bulb