Panel Light

Innovative LED light panel

1.5 × brighter, 43% less power consumption and 4 × longer life-time

Panel Light is a sleek, recess-mounted downlight for general illumination. The slim design makes it easy to implement in almost any interior structures. This high performance energy-saving panel light, generates a soft and uniform light.

Available in 3000 K, 4000 K and 6000 K color temperature.

Panel Light

Innovative light pixel technology

The Panel Light uses an innovative light transmitter which works in a similar way to fibre optics. LED light enters from the sides and travels within the centralcore, bouncing off the outer surfaces.
Speaker Light

Uniform light distribution

CoCoSo LED Panel Light gives a much uniform light distribution than that of a typical low-quality LED panel.

Exepctional thermal management

With the light pixel technology, CoCoSo Panel Light is highly efficent. Using significantly less LED chips, it allows the panel to have lower energy consumption. Also this reduction of LEDs lowers the heating being generated, therby reducing the amount of heat needed to be dissipated, saving extra air-conditioning costs and lengthening product life.
Speaker Light

Speaker Light

Consistent high luminance & long life-time

The Panel Light from CoCoSo have a significantly longer life-time and a much more consistent high luminance. The runtime for normal, low-quality LED panels is less than two years, the Panel Light has a runtime for more than five years, with consistent light output.


  • Input: External AC adaptor
  • Power consumption: 34 W
  • Color temperature (CCT): 3000 K, 4000 K and 6000 K
  • Luminous flux: 2100 lm, 2400 lm and 2700 lm
  • Color rendering index (CRI): 80
  • Dimmable: Yes, with external dimmer
  • Ingress protection: IP 40
  • Housing: Aluminum, Clear Anodizing
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 595 × 595 × 12.7 mm
    620 × 620 × 12.7 mm (With additional trim ring)
  • Optional: Mounting material for pendant lights system
  • Download data sheet

panel Light