Smart Power Plug

Connect all your electrical devices via WLAN and control your world from everywhere with your smartphone!

Furthermore Smart Power Plug can be used with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot for voice control.

CoCoSo Smart Power Plug

Intuitive App

Using intuitive RevogiHome App, the Smart Power Plug will let you turn your electronic devices on or off from anywhere in the world.

The free RevogiHome App is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Voice control with Amazon Alexa

Simple connection

CoCoSo Power Plug connects your electrical devices easily via WLAN. You get wireless control of your home devices (lamps, TVs and more) with your smartphone.

Voice control

The Smart Power Plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Connect your RevogiHome App with Amazon Alexa. Smart Power Plug can be used for voice control with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot (Amazon Echo & Echo Dot separately available).

Now you can control electrical devices, which are connected to Smart Power Plug by voice. For example, with Amazon Echo Dot you can turn lamps on and off via voice control.
Power Plug

Power Metering

With the Power Plug, you can measure and view real-time power (Watts) and energy usage (kWh) for the past day, week and month.
Power Plug helps uncover and understand the devices in your house that use the most energy. By measuring power consumption and usage cost of any plugged-in appliance, you can start reducing your power bills.
Power Plug

Avoiding energy consumption

The standby power is a significant and generally hidden cause of waste in most households.

With Smart Power Plug you can view the energy consumption of the connected device and avoid unnecessary power consumption.

Power Plug

Individual socket schedules

Automatic schedules can be set to turn off electrical appliances and stop energy consumption when an appliance is not in use. Additionally, the schedule can start devices in off-peak hours to take advantage of lower electrical pricing.

Power Plug

Intelligent control system

CoCoSo Smart Power Plug allows you to assign the socket to a countdown timer. This means, you decide which socket at which time or for how long per day/week can be used. Plug a game console or TV to the Power Plug in children‘s room and you can decide when your children can play games or not.


  • Input: 220–250 V | 16 A | 50 Hz
  • Output: 220–250 V | 16 A | 50 Hz
  • Network: Home Plug AV | 500 Mbps | IEEE802.3 | IEEE802.3U
  • Connection: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Color: white
  • Dimension: 116 × 66 × 75 mm
  • Weight: 165 g
  • Download data sheet

    Download manual

The manual of the device is included in scope of delivery.

Power Plug




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